Make Money Online - My June 2007 AdSense Earnings

I've been a blogger for a bit more than two years now, and I've been running AdSense Ads for almost the same time. One thing that would have helped me was to know what to expect in terms of online income. Out there you only read about the success stories, the get rich schemes, the six figure probloggers, but the truth for the average Joe, is far from that.

That's why I decided to publish each month, my online earnings, primarily with AdSense, but also with TextLink Ads, to provide another point of reference for those walking a similar path.

To give you a rough idea I have six blogs/sites/online projects, which get an average of 10000 pageviews a month all of them.

Money made online June 2007

June turned out to be a mediocre. Ad blocks didn't perform very well. On the other hand for the first time I earned 250 for an AdSense referral conversion.

These are June's figures:

Google AdSense: 308.47 USD
Text Link Ads: 8.55 USD

Total money earned on the internet: 317.02 USD

Given the average AdSense monthly subscriptions I expect to get at least the 250 bonus twice a year.

How much are you making?


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