about gabouy

I'm a software engineer in Uruguay. I've more than seven years of experience in the IT industry, working as developer, technical specialist, and project manager. For the last four years, I've been working with Infocorp, a Microsoft Gold Partner with offices throughout south america.

I'm also a part time teacher's assistant in Faculty of Engineering, of the University of the Republic (the place where I got my engineering degree).

gabouy I've been blogging for about two years now. It started while I was in an internship I did in france. Blogging turned out to be something that helped me get through some pretty lonely night's before I met anyone over there, living in a french college 3x4m dorm. I'd do it on paper, and then rewrite it in the university. It was the perfect means to share travel stories, and log day to day experiences with my folks while living in a different culture.

Once that was over, and I was back, I felt it'd be cool to try to show some of the friends I'd left what my country, the place I am from, is all about. That's how From Uruguay was born. Currently my flagship.

Then I discovered AdSense, and blogging was raised to a new dimension. All of a sudden I could be paid in dollars, while living in a third world economy. Even if little it would add up. I think is a revolutionary means to redistribute wealth, of course it takes time, and effort, and is not for everyone, but I think it could be leveraged by all emerging economies, and that is just incredible.

This blog is about my journey into making money online, but you may read me ramble about blogging tips, web 2.0, and everything else I might find worth sharing.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    gabo.. un consejo, cuando linkeas a from-uruguay.com (sin www) te devuelve un error 404... esto es porque te falta configurar el servidor dns. Saludos desde Py :P

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