How many post should someone write before going public with it?

A couple of days ago I was discussing this same matter with a friend. He decided to take on blogging, but when I asked him to show me his stuff, he answered he was waiting to have at least 3 posts before he'd go public about it.

I was struck by his answer, after all, I found I had to agree with him, there are indeed some reasons I would advice someone to wait before marketing a blog. These are among the questions that a waiting period would help answering:

Do I have enough motivation to keep a blog going?

Motivation is not something to be taken lightly, and it takes time to know if something is love, or just a one night stand crash. Waiting some fixed period of time, or a achieving a number of good quality posts is not a bad thing to discover this.

What will be the blog's topic?

In my experience, I would start blogs with funny, clever names, but at the end of the day every post would be about a different topic. It was a matter of time before I found my blog topic pattern, the things I would tend to write about. This is specially true for novice bloggers. Is not that is a bad thing, but the more you focus your blog content, the better it will do.

What is the best posting frequency for me?

Is it realist to think I will blog everyday? This depends on whether you have a steady source of content, from which to get blogging posts ideas, and whether you work full time, or part time, and how many other activities, do you split your time with.

Closing thoughts and conclusions

There are some caveats though, it's reasonable to wait some time, but everything has its limit. It's a good thing to have trust circles, friends, or fellow bloggers, that you can share your content with, and receive honest feedback from. Besides, a blog is a living thing which is changing all the time. Tunning a blog is a never ending activity, and waiting for it to be perfect is an illusion.


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